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Three Years

Risks are hard, and trust me when I tell you I’m the least risky person you’ll meet.  I like plans and take comfort in knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow, next weekend, next month, etc.  But moving halfway across the country was the most risky thing I’ve ever done and God’s biggest blessing in my life. 

The Easiest Ikea Hack

We were trying to find a few things to bring our living room together and on our way out of the strategically designed maze of housewares yelling “buy me” I spotted these super cute little cacti and succulents.  

My Guilty Pleasure

I have a few guilty pleasures in life such as eating brownies for breakfast, iced coffee from cutesy coffee shops, and buying expensive shampoo.  BUT there’s a new one added to this list.  I’ve become obsessed with watching HGTV.  I know, it’s not that crazy, but one show in particular has taken it to the next level.