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Three Years

Risks are hard, and trust me when I tell you I’m the least risky person you’ll meet.  I like plans and take comfort in knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow, next weekend, next month, etc.  But moving halfway across the country was the most risky thing I’ve ever done and God’s biggest blessing in my life. 

Thankful Thursday

I swear that the older I get the faster time goes by. This week has flown by and we've had something going on every single night. We're so looking forward to comfy clothes, continuing our Harry Potter movie marathon, and couch time tomorrow night. #marriageya'll  

Thankful Thursday 11/20

This week I'm so thankful for getting my baking streak back. I felt like I've been a little off my game lately! I recently made Carmelita's for my husbands office and got some positive feedback when he got home that night. 

Thankful Thursday 11/13

This week I'm thankful for the chilly weather that's finally come through Dallas, a trip back home to celebrate someone so special, fires at home, healthy eating, and a wonderful supportive husband who loves me even when I'm at my worst. 

Thankful Thursday 9/11

This past week has been a living example of Gods love for us, in spite of our brokenness, in the Johnson household. Obviously, marriage is difficult and requires constants intentionalness (that's a word, right!?) but I don't think we knew how much effort would be required this early on.

Thankful Thursday 9/4: Husband Edition

Today I want to focus on 10 reasons I'm thankful for my husband. We've been married almost 5 months which doesn't seem like much given we have so many years to come. I truly believe in supporting and lifting him up because it's so important to speak well of each other. So today I give you 10 reasons I'm thankful for this man. 

Thankful Thursday 8/21

This week has been tough finding things to be thankful for but writing this post never fails to help me realize how blessed I am. I continue to be thankful to God and my sweet husband for putting up with me when I'm difficult  and lovingly reminding to be more positive.